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Robin Triggs' outstanding debut
A fantastic near-future crime thriller...
A worthy companion to the award-winners on our launch list, Robin Triggs is a debut author with a powerful sense of pace and character, channelling Philip K. Dick in this Netflix-styled thriller.
A mining base at the edge of the world. Anders Nordvelt, last-minute replacement as head of security, has no time to integrate himself before an act of sabotage threatens the project.
A body is found in the ice
Systems fail as the long night falls. Anders has do more than find a murderer: he must survive. Will anyone outlast the night shift, or will it just be ice and frozen corpses left to greet the morning?

The Night Shift by Robin Triggs | Publication: November 2018 | HC: 9781787580381 • $24.95 | PB9781787580367 • $14.95  | Category: Fiction/Science Fiction/Crime | Distribution and Sales by Baker & Taylor Publisher Services.

Horror, Crime, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fiction

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