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Brian Trent's powerful new novel
An Investigator is called…

Gethin Bryce is killed in a mysterious shuttle explosion. Now he’s back to investigate his own murder, and the truth behind unexplained anomalies that lie outside the InterPlanetary Council.

A new Science Fiction Universe

Combining a fascination for history with a unique vision of the future, Trent’s new novel Ten Thousand Thunders is the beginning of an exciting new science fiction universe.

An Original Voice in Sci-Fi

Trent’s short stories appear regularly in the world’s top speculative fiction markets including ANALOG, Fantasy & Science Fiction, The Intergalactic Medicine Show, Daily Science Fiction, Apex, Escape Pod and more.

Ten Thousand Thunders by Brian Trent | Publication: October 2018 | HC: 9781787580183 • $24.95 | PB9781787580169 • $14.95  | Category: Fiction/Science Fiction| Distribution and Sales by Baker & Taylor Publisher Services.

Horror, Crime, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fiction

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